Anshul Gupta

Rank 18, CSE 2015

  joined  Beautiful Mind For Essay & Ethics integrated course


M.Sc.(Psy), UGC( NET), Psy.D, Exp (15+ yrs)

Founder -Beautiful Mind , Delhi

'Dear student !

I established Beautiful Mind Institute'  to provide personal guidance to the IAS aspirants. as many of them, despite having good potential , don't clear the exams . Most coaching institutes have Generalized, Impersonal and Commercial models in which lectures are delivered by the experts to groups comprising large no. of students. Students listen the series of lectures painstakingly in hope the same will be retrieved in the examination hall. The reality is however very different. Most of the students realize this only after giving examination but by that time their coaching classes get over. After this, students feel  confused over what to do and whom to approach for some personal guidance.

I worked upon a few of such students and provided them personal guidance and training. The same students gave excellent performance in the exams and got good ranks in the CSE ( see testimonials ). Now I strongly believe that even a student with average intelligence can clear IAS exams if he/she gets personal and customized guidance from an able and experienced teacher. 

-Arun Kumar

The Sunday post: Patience: a great virtue of the tough competitor Dear studentsIf you aspire to clear IAS examination...

Posted by Beautiful Mind IAS Study Group on Sunday, December 28, 2014

Personal Guidance Advantages

Arpit Jain, IPS  Rank 194 with Arun Kumar

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Realizing a dream ! Chaitra T John IPS, Rank 111 CSE 2014 talks freely with her mentor Arun kumar about her ups and down phases during the preparation of civil service examination.

Posted by Beautiful Mind IAS Study Group on Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Chaitra.T.John Rank 111 CSE 2014 

She scored 282 marks in Psychology

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"Arun Sir has been my guide and mentor throughout this grueling period of preparation. Needless to say I would not have been successful without his invaluable contribution" -

Ananya Agarwal, Rank 27, CSE -12

you are the most cherished and influential teacher in my life.....All the best for your future sir !

Aditi Chaudhary Rank  271 CSE-13


"I strongly recommend student, especially first timers, to take test series with Arun Sir as his personal guidance and critical evaluation will definitely benefit them"-

Rakesh Reddy, Rank 472, CSE 2011

"I would strongly  recommend Arun Kumar Sir... because of his personalized guidance and counselling I could qualify in first attempt"-

Dr. Umair Mir, Rank 368, CSE 2009

"I would strongly recommend Arun Sir's classes for IAS aspirants, as the kind of conceptual clarity he has  is commendable"-

Disha Pannu, IPos, CSE 2009

"Sir.. The teacher-student environment you create is such that, it enabled me to ask even the stupidest questions and doubts I had."

-Chaitra.T.John Rank 111 CSE 2014

She has been associated with Beautiful mind since 2013. I provided  counselling and guidance in GS -answer writing and interview.

Purva Garg Rank 79 CSE 2014

" I was a go0d in Psychology , I became better and refined and the extra punch after joining Beautiful Mind"

Sandeep Ahuja, Rank 252 CSE 2014

" Extremely inspiring !

I got everything that is required for success.

Krishnam Naidu, Rank 284 CSE 2014

Timely and comprehensive feed back are great. It helped improve a lot

Gaurav Mangala, Rank 339, CSE 2014

Classes , test and comprehensive discussion are great . Personal guidance is a great and key feature.

Parul Srivastava, Rank 355, CSE 2014

                                                                                      Rashi Dogra, Rank 312, CSE 2012



Narender Singh Rank 422, CSE 2012